BPK30-300.  Hotline Battery Powered Water Pump Kit

BPK30-300. Hotline Battery Powered Water Pump Kit

Ref: BPK30

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Benefits of fencing off watercourses

River bank vegetation is re-established, helping to reduce erosion.
Establishes a buffer strip between rivers and fields that intercepts soil run off.
Reducing soil run-off helps to keep important nutrients on the land, often reducing the need and cost of using fertiliser.
Keeping livestock out of rivers may help reduce the spread of waterborne disease.
Ensures clean fishing waters by separating livestock from watercourses.
Failing to address soil erosion can affect single farm payments. Focus on water quality will increase under the new basic payment scheme.
Provision of water supplies for livestock fenced out of watercourses can attract grant funding from a number of bodies in specific catchment areas.

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